Saturday, October 29, 2011

Ministry of Sculpture Iron Pour

The Ministry of Sculpture has an annual iron pour where they invite people from the community to create a small iron relief.  We were given a small sand based mold that we carved into.  The Ministry prepared and poured the iron.  The cupola to heat the iron to liquid was named "Patches."

  Here are some pics from this weekend's pour.

The name for his helmet is "Hell Fire."

People and Things from October Final Fridays

Here are some pics from the October Final Fridays:

Molly at the Pig

Jeremy at the Pig

Kendra at Wonderfair

The sign for She's Crafty

Fabulous Lawrence art teachers out and about.



Adam at Hobbs

Luke at Acme

 Nicholas filming at Acme

Amber and Jaime at Acme

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fashion: What To Wear for an Upscale Art Opening

Today, I bought a perfect dress at Banana Republic from a line inspired by Mad Men (above picture).
The material and fit are wonderful.

Part of excitement of this find stems from nostalgia. In high school, we bought elegant 1950's evening dresses. We found them in thrift stores on 39th street in Kansas City. We teamed the dresses with our Dr. Martins boots and went to punk shows.

Although a rarity in Larryville, my new dress is reserved for upscale events.

Here are some more examples from the BR clothing line that was launched early fall.


October Final Fridays

I hit the galleries and flash spaces most months for Final Fridays. A lot is planned for the upcoming Final Friday in Larryville, and much of the art looks interesting.  I thought about creating a plan  for when and where to go, but quickly chucked this idea.  I will start at The Pig, then wander around.  I find this is a better strategy for finding unusual works; and it may be the last Final Friday that the weather will be acceptable for meandering in a sauntering way. 

Must see events: Jeremy Rockwell's new paintings at the Pig; Invisible Hand show; Hospital Ships at Dusty Bookshelf; and Fasio Fashion Monsters at the Replay.  Also, unusual performance in Acme's front window involving a large cut out television and skits. 

After a night of viewing art, I plan to draw at Art and Design's Open Model on Saturday.  According to the schedule, the model is Katie. 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Open Model on Saturday and Artist Talk

Open Model is at KU's Art and Design on Saturday, October 30. The time is 11:00 a.m.-2:00, but people tend to come and go during this time.  Bring drawing supplies.  The large easels are able to hold large drawing paper. 

An interesting artist talk opportunity will be given at the Spencer Museum by the artist who created the wool dress piece that hangs in the upstairs gallery.  Mimi Smith, who is always described as "a early feminist" is speaking at the Spencer on Thursday at 5:30 in the main auditorium.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Karen Matheis: Dr. Sketchy on Sunday

Dr. Sketchy is this Sunday, October 16, in Kansas City from 6:00-9:00.  The cost is a mere $6.00.

We will be drawing Little Lottie Mayhem and Sarah Lee Shortcake.  Come with your drawing supplies.

Meanwhile, here are some pics from the last Dr. Sketchy with Heidi Delight.

Heidi carefully selecting the winner of the night's drawing contest.  The theme of the contest was "What Heidi wanted to be for her birthday. "

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mark Hennessy Briefly Quits Bitching, Rolls Up Sleeves, & Gets Work Done: Brownback Solved


LJWorld Headline: Kansas Alone in Defunding Arts

First off, Brownback's historic evisceration of state arts funding is really not a problem.

Art will be made, argued over, and taught to children without funding. Art will florish in environments completely hostile to it. Poetry written in Auschwitz. Many artists create beautiful and transformative work in an absence of support even a, teacher say, might find disarming. Consider the basic undeniable alchemy of El Anatsui's Lines that Bridge Humanity. Base refuse magicked into something rare. Beautiful. Valuable.

I don’t wanna get into a fight with a wagonful of broken-record dogmatic bullies. Dear my state's politicians (I miss Ms. Sebelious so) please don’t fight terrorism for one day and use that day to take a day's ammo money and spend it on food and clothes to the homeless kids in everysinglefuckingtowninamerica. My point is I don't wanna get into a pissing contest with these guys, I wanna problem-solve. So I have. My poem.


This poem knows it’s just a little bit better than other poems. You can tell cuz how the poem gives full expression to your humanity only in order to deepen the moral condemnation of withdrawing all compassion from you as you read.

This poem demands you ignore the impending national discussion on capping population in adamant defense of stem cells while the paper behinds it closes down your neighborhood kid’s music program and denies his mom welfare (part of the poem will still support continued funding for male sports programs).

So this poem flatly insists you have your child. Although this poem has looked at your credit statement and is admittedly unsure as to how you’re gonna pay for it. This poem asks you to remember that Jesus is the answer.

This poem is heavily invested in McClownald’s & insulin also.

This poem talks about Jesus the right way and talks about killing other people the right way.

This poem was totally kidding when it compared hunting illegal mexican immigrants to shooting diseased wild pigs with a rifle from an open helicopter. God, people. This is not a pretty liberal poem for dope-smoking intellectuals who speak French like some pussy faggot.

This poem may have a spouse, not a partner, with a psychiatry practice that specializes in fixing gays but this poem doesn’t buy into that bullshit. This poem knows what’s up. They’s doomed theyselves.

This poem is totally cool with smoking tobacco because the slave owners grandkids are not bad.

This poem as conceived will be white words on a black piece of paper because it is the words that matter not their environment.

This poem know rabbits for foodorpets, recognizes you have some difficult times ahead of you, this poem knows it's gonna get uncomfortable, so again, this poem takes this opportunity to acknowledge in advance your continued support. You may now return to something good like Left Behind. Or The Jersey Shore.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Karen Matheis: Figure Drawing

It is great to walk through the halls of KU's drawing and painting rooms.  Things seem pretty much the same as when I studied there.  There is one striking difference....the smell.  In an effort to keep things as green as possible, the smell of toxic fumes of turpentine have disappeared.  However, I miss the old smells. It was the  distinct Art and Design building smell.   True, the air quality now is probably better for ones health, and true, I probably have bronchitis symptoms due to years of not paying attention to these types of things.  The trade off is that in the old days, one would not have to explain where they had been because you could smell where they had been on their clothes.  These are the days when smoking was allowed in restaurants and bars, so smells were always in our clothes and hair.  A persistent hacking cough was ordinary.  It was all for the art, man. 

Here are some pics from present day figure drawing teacher Amber Hansen's night class. 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Karen Matheis: Molly Murphy's New Show

Lawrence artists Molly Murphy has a new show called "Futures of Foregone Memory: Physical Space."  The venue for the show is the Holt Russell Gallery on the Baker University Campus in Baldwin.  Here are a few pics from her opening reception today.