Saturday, August 31, 2013

Open Drawing Today and Final Friday Pics

Today is KU's first open model session of the fall semester.  It's from 11:00 until 2:00 in room 405 of Art and Design. Bring drawing supplies.  It's free, and all levels are welcome.

Final Friday
We didn't make many venues for last night's Final Fridays (we ducked out of the heat and into a cold drink at the Tap Room).  However,  we liked what we saw.

We talked with members of the Lawrence Public Library who were at 9th and Massachusetts giving away copies of"The Worst Hard Time" for the Read Across Lawrence project.

We were impressed by Molly Murphy's new paintings at The Pig.   Check out her small, whimsical works if you are Downtown.

Molly Muphy's new work at The Pig

Molly's brother Gabriel shows us his mini Shakespeare collection

Work by Louis Copt at the Copt/Feldman Gallery

We appreciated the enthusiasm of the Summit Gym for hosting a nice Final Friday presentation.

Print by Tugboat Studios now at Wonder Fair

"Mama Bear" print from Tugboat Studios

Wonder Fair has printmaking from Pitttsburgh's Tugboat Studios.  Tugboat is a cool independent print shop which creates affordable art and  run by Paul Roden and Valerie Lueth. We liked the multi-colored prints including a map of the United States. Check out their website at:

Paul Roden from Tugboat Studios

Jake browsing at Wonder Fair

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Jason Barr: Current Projects and summer reading list.

Artist Jason Barr

We caught up with local artist Jason Barr and asked him about his latest projects and summer reading list.
He told us he has been busy taking care of his girls this summer.  His current projects include a zine series based on "Top Pastors ( working with Florida artist Justin Nelson) and commissioned portraits.  Jason also produces a podcast called Barr Heaven's A.D.D. Podcast.

A sample from the zone "Top Pastors" by Jason Barr

What is on Jason Barr's Reading List?
We asked Jason to share his summer reading list.  He says that most of his books were given to him by friends.  Here is a short list:

1. "The Dome in the Forest" by Paul WIlliams

2. "Atlantis: The Eighth Continent" by Charles Berlitz

3. "Chronic City" by Jonathan Letham

4. "Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrel"l by Susan Clark

5. Dharma Bums by Kerouac

Jason is active in the social media scene.  You can catch his tweets at @Barrr. 
Hear his A.D.D. Podcast and view his art here:

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Busker Tim Models and Photographs of John Clayton

Photo by Dave DeHetre

The Thieves Guild took a leap of faith and asked busker Tim, "The Juggling Dingus" to model for their monthly drawing event. last night  Although he never modeled before, and wore regular street clothes, Tim proved to be a terrific drawing subject.  He has a showbiz style, and was willing to do unusual poses, such as holding a cup on his head for a twenty minute pose.


Photo by John Clayton

Photographer John Clayton has been busy documenting the Foxy by Proxy crew as well as the Lawrence night scene.  Victor Continental asked Clayton to document their last performance.  He also photographs events such as Tour de Lawrence. 

Check out Clayton's work on Flicker here:

Photo by John Clayton

Monday, August 5, 2013

Banned Books Trading Card Submissions and Cool artist graves

One of the banned books trading cards
"Slaughterhouse Five" by Kurt Vonnegut
Artist: Kent Smith

The Lawrence Public Library is looking for submissions to the second series of Banned Books Trading Cards.  The cards were a big success last year, and received national attention.  The deadline for submissions is August 23.  


Ricardo Menon (1952-1989)Montparnasse Cemetery, Paris, France

Alison Meier documents the graves of artists in her blog post.  She writes:
As a last final statement, artists’ tombstones don’t disappoint. From the wildly eccentric to those that incorporate their own creations, the graves of artists are a fascinating reflection of their work. Even those tombstones that are simple, or sometimes even unmarked, often find a tribute from visitors who leave mementoes to these artists. I’ve spent much time visiting cemeteries during my travels, and spotted these artist memorials among the tombs.

See her full blog entry here:

                          Grave of Jean-Michel Basquiat in Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn

Sunday, August 4, 2013

We Got It Goin' On: Model Drawing Opportunities in Lawrence

Photo by the Thieves Guild

Artists in Lawrence have many options and opportunities to draw from the model.  Some artists are drawing models in small independent groups, and the Arts Center has figure drawing and an open studio.  If you are looking for cheaper options or less commitment, here are two:

People drawing at Open Drawing at KU

Open Drawing at KU
The cost is free, and there are six sessions in the fall.  The dates for the Open drawing are: 8/31, 9/14, 9/28, 10/12, 11/2, and 12/7. 
The time is 11:00-2:00 in room 405 of Art and Design.  Bring drawing supplies. 

Drawing at Fatso's 
The Theives Guild hosts a burlesque drawing with a model and theme every first Monday of the month at Fatso's. The cost is $5.00, and there are great drink specials.  This month's theme is "busking."  Here is the description this month: 
Step right up! Come one, come all to an amazing night of sketching!

Witness the amazing posing prowess of "The Juggling Dingus!' Thrill at his stupefying skills of manual dexterity, and perform your own fantastic feats of drawing!

Drawing made at Fatso's by a participant

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Jayhawk Bookstore Plans to Give Art Supplies a Facelift.

Jackson Pollock working with paints

Artists in town are always scrambling to find good supplies here in Lawrence, and the pickings have been slim. However, Jayhawk bookstore has just re-opened with new owners and plans are underway to give the art department a facelift. Possible upgrades may include professional as well as student grade paints and other materials.   We are excited!
The current owners have experience in the bookstore business.  They run a similar bookstore in Manhattan, Kansas.  We talked with them yesterday, and they seem happy to be in Lawrence.

Jackson Pollock working with paints