Monday, June 30, 2014

The WIld West FIlm Project and Imagining The Future of Lawrence

Free State Film Festival
One of our favorite events at the Free State Film Festival was the Wild West Film Contest. This yearly event is a film competition that challenges teams of filmmakers to create a 5 minute film in 48 hours.  Along with a time restraint, contributors must adhere to rules that are top secret until the contest begins.This year, the films opened with "What are you doing here?"

A big shout out to Jason Badgett's super hero/where are they now film  Ameriman.  Jason tweets "My trilogy of films didn't win 1st place, but the judges awarded us the special "WTF" award for our efforts."


We investigated an event that challenges Lawrence residents to think about what Lawrence might be like in the future. Imagings participants gathered in a building on the Haskell campus on Sunday for contemplation and discussion.  As we enter the room of chatty people, we encounter a crazy sign that reads "Imagings...caution....time portal ahead." 

A variety of ideas were shared in small groups, but we heard many comments about keeping local neighborhoods vital. 

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Outlaw Literature: Pioneer Press visits Lawrence

Pioneer Press visits Lawrence

A farm outside of Leavenworth called "The Hard Fifty" is home to a zine cooperative that is way cool. Pioneer Press creates, prints, and travels with zines of all subjects.  Their speciality is DIY and "how to" guides. Some of the zines are printed into small books.  Adam Gnade's book The Do It Yourself Guide To Fighting the Big M** Sad is about dealing with everyday life. Another book we spot is a how to guide for cycling across the country.

A launch party on Massachusetts Street today celebrates the acquisition of a new trailer for Pioneer Press via a Rocket Grant.  The trailer will be used for traveling as Pioneer Press distributes and sells zines. Although this impressive mobile cooperative will be in other cities this summer, they promised they would stop by Lawrence again sometime soon.

Visit the Pioneer Press site at

The new zine mobile was purchased with funds from a Rocket Grant

Some of the zines have been printed into books

Friday, June 20, 2014

Touring a Beer Factory: Pilsner Urquell

Saint Augustine, Patron Saint of Brewers

The famous Charles bridge in Prague is lined statues of saints, including St. Augustine, patron saint of brewers. Beer is a very important staple in the Czeck republic, and many Czecks tout its health benefits.  In a city where beer is cheaper than water, we wanted to investigate the inner workings of a local beer factory. We cut to the chase and immediately ventured on a day trip to The Pilsner Urquell Beer Factory in Plzeň

WIlly Wonka-esque gates introduce us to the factory that was started in 1843.  We signed up for a tour that included a detailed map, view of the facilities, a bus, history, and beer tasting.  Our guide gave us comprehensive statistics on amounts of beer brewed per day ( which was a lot), and the beer making process.

Detailed map worthy of a Nerd Nite presentation

Inside the Pilsner Urquell Factory

bottles of beer

Abby in front of a selection of beers

Unique beer tasting of fresh, unfiltered beer

We encountered a trippy panoramic movie, mannequins demonstrating the old time beer process, and barrels exhibiting an array of grains and hops.  We left with a greater understanding of the scope of history of this beer, and a Pilsner Urquell hat. 

Monday, June 9, 2014

Prague: Larryville Artists Investigates

Larryville Artists will take a huge field trip to the city of Prague.  We will engage in tough, investigative reporting to see how the hipster city of Prague matches up to our dear Larryville. We will be on the lookout for pie, beer, and cool events in this famed city.  Will they have kickball?

We will give our detailed report when we get back.  In the meantime, please visit our dear friends at The Larryville Chronicles for updates on what is happening in Lawrence. You can find them here:
Kaw Valley Kickball Update
 Last night brought pleasant weather to watch KVKL kickball.  Here are our pics:

View of Last Night's GOTW at Hobb's Stadium. 

Adrian from Brew Ballers.  
The Ballers sadly lost their game to In Style yesterday afternoon.