Monday, February 9, 2015

A Day for Sending Love: Discovering Unique Valentine Cards

The staff at Larryville Artists admit that we are suckers for Valentine's Day.  Reporters are nibbling on decadent chocolates as we type.  The aroma of roses is in the air.   Our staff is on the frenzied hunt to find unique Valentine cards to send to loved ones.

During a card hunting excursion, we spotted fabulous Valentine cards at the Wonder Fair Gallery. Some of our favorite cards at Wonder Fair are made by Kansas City's Hammer Press.  Hammer Press uses a letterpress to make their cards.  The cards have subtle colors, slight embossing, and made with heavy weight paper.

Wonder Fair's Merideth holds a card designed and printed by Hammer Press

Card by Hammer Press

Card by Hammer Press

Sip and Shop February 13

Be sure to check out the Sip and Shop event on February 13.  Local artists will have Valentine cards and gifts.  Starting at 6:00 at The Roost, The Sip and Shop hosts local artists and will feature hand painted cards, jewelry and more.
See the Facebook Event here:

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Looking for a Drink

Dusty Dog
at The Eighth Street Tap Room

Valentine’s Day is a time for love.  During this season, our staff is investigating what love means.  What is love?  Does love lead to happiness? Can we find Love?

In pursuit of this enduring and incessant philosophical inquiry about love, we asked our persnickety Larryville Artist Food Critic to help us in an expedition.  We visited The Eighth Street Tap Room in search of love in a drink.

An Easy Beats record played as we entered The Taproom. Our bartender, Mitch, accepted our challenge to create love in a drink. After conferring with others sitting at the bar, Mitch mixed a Dusty Dog.

Made with vodka, lemon, fresh squeezed ginger, angostura bitters, and crème di cassis, the drink is sweet without tasting syrupy.  The ginger and lemon give a slight bite. A lovely shade of pink that doesn’t taste pink, our cocktail lacks frills (in a good way).

Is the Dusty Dog puppy love? We gave Mitch extra points for creating a love drink that isn’t sickeningly sweet.

Cost for our love: $4.00

Our bartender Mitch
He is also an illustrator
Check out his art here: 

Friday, February 6, 2015

Our Last Farewell Drink at Pachamamas

Aviation at Pachamamas

We visited our favorite Pacha bartender, Paige, and asked her to make us a cocktail.  After many cocktails served to us while lounging on comfy couches at Pachamamas, this may be our last. Pachamamas closes its doors after Valentine's day.

What send-off drink did Paige make us? Paige created an Aviation consisting of gin, luxardo, and crème de violette topped with a cherry.  

Aromatic, floral, and light, the Aviation is tart and smooth.  With a touch of sophistication, this cocktail is for pondering over the latest  New Yorker Magazine while sitting on penthouse balconies.

We accompanied with Pommes Frites sided with a kicked up homemade ketchup. Companions drank Red Stripe in tall cans. 

Au Revioir! Pachamamas. Take care.


Companions drinking Red Stripe while lounging on a couch

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Film Screening: Burroughs The Movie

Burroughs in New York in the 1970's.  Punk meets the counter culture conscious mind.

Liberty Hall is showing the digitally restored Burroughs: The Movie on Thursday at 7 p.m. and 9 p.m..  The movie is currently being distributed for worldwide screenings through Janus Films.

Capturing a 1970's Burroughs, documentary film director Howard Brookner shows Burroughs when he was on a wave of influence on New York artists, musicians and writers.  The film contains interviews with NYC contemporaries Allen Ginsberg, Terry Southern, and Patti Smith.

Burroughs is candid about his controversial personal life in the film.  We see a personal life that is shattered;  Burrouhgs shot his wife and killed her, and his relationship with his only son is fragile. 

Roger Ebert writes in a June 1984 review of the movie: ;The most painful passages in the film deal with his son, Willie Jr., an alcoholic and speed freak – “the last of the beatniks” – who wrote a couple of books and then committed suicide during the filming. Father and son are awkward together; although they are both anti-establishment rebels, it gives them nothing in common.

Burroughs: The Movie will be added to The Criterion Collection.

More information about the screening at Liberty Hall can be found herehttp://www.

More Burroughs: 
 This American life has a nifty take on Burroughs in their recent podcast Burroughs 101. Iggy Pop narrates.  Listen to Burroughs 101 from This American Life Here:

Photo via Maggie Allen

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Newsy: K.C. Grant Funding Workshop

Deep Goes the Weasel
David Cedillo

The second of six different arts funding workshops takes place in InterUrban ArtHouse on Thursday February 5th at 7pm, when grants administrators and grant recipients from Charlotte Street Foundation's Rocket Grants will present a workshop on this regional arts funding opportunity.

Arts Funding Series 2015 aims to outline the arts grants available to individual artists, artist groups and small organizations across the Kansas City Metropolitan Region, and further afield. Granting bodies include ArtsKC Regional Arts Council, Kansas Creative Arts Industries Commision, Charlotte Street Foundation, Mid-America Arts Alliance, and Downtown KC Council's Art Loop. Projects eligible for funding across this broad scope of grantors include public art projects, performances and exhibitions, community arts activities, strategic development, capacity-building and career-advancing opportunities.

“Artists across the Kansas City Metro have a unique selection of funding opportunities available to them,” says IUAH Assistant Director Nick Carswell. “Our hope is that more artists can explore grant funding as part of their portfolio of revenue streams, and as a vehicle to create engaging and sustainable art projects that benefit not only the individual artists, but the entire community.”

Each workshop will feature a presentation by a granting organization, and will cover details about grant guidelines, eligibility, timelines, budgets and successful narratives. Workshops will also feature successfully funded projects from previous grant recipients, and will be followed by discussion and Q&A.

Local performance artist David Cedillo attended a similar workshop by IUAH in March 2014, which resulted in his experimental project Mondo Deep being rewarded a $6,000 Rocket Grant with interactive performances at local drive-in movie theaters. David says: “I talked to Nick Carswell after Julia Cole’s [Rocket Grants coordinator] presentation about reshaping Mondo Beep to make it eligible for a Rocket Grant, and he suggested teaming up with a visual artist like a sculptor. We were just brainstorming that night, but a few ideas came to me in the days that followed.”

The aim of these workshops is to connect individual artists with funding opportunities, to increase the quality and success of future applications, and to support the development of future art projects that are both suitable for arts funding and benefit the community through artistic excellence and community engagement.

For more information, visit or contact InterUrban ArtHouse on (913) 432-1916

Text provided by Press Release,  InterUrban ArtHouse