Monday, December 12, 2011

Tap Room Poetry Series

Want to hear some hip contemporary poetry? The Tap Room is one of Lawrence's leading venues for poetry readings.  The Tap Room Poetry Series is a monthly event where both local and national poets come to read poetry.  I've been going on a regular basis, and would recommend it.  The readings and drink specials have been good! And, of course, we love the bartenders at the Tap Room.

Last night's performance included local poets who presented works in various types of spoken word.   A duet sang a folk poem worthy of an Alan Lomax recording.  Another performer read a poem about pillows in her bed reprimanding her for not having a lover (she silenced her pillows with a threat of a trip to the dumpster).  Frederick, the bartender at the Tap Room, revealed his real life experience of dealing with a suicide of a quirky high school friend, and, years later,  talking to him in his dreams.

After the local poets performed, poets from New York and North Carolina presented poetry from their new books.  Although I liked all of their poems, one of my favorites was a poem by Sampson Starkweather called Self Help Poems, where he gives helpful advice for everyday living including touching a whale if it is beached, because "when else can you touch a whale?"  I also liked the dreamy poems of Emily Pettit.

The next poetry reading for the Tap Room Poetry Series is Sunday January 22.  Here is the link to the Tap Room Poetry Series Blog:

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