Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Finding Creative Flow in EIght Easy Steps

Had enough excuses for not getting started with your creative project?  Here are eight strategies that Karen created to help her through her creative anxiety. She presented them last night at Nerd Nite.

1. Realize that you want flow. 
2.  Infinite choices can be paralyzing, stick to your goal. 
3. Clear your mind of chatter. 
4.  Create habits or rituals. 
5.  Do not overanalyze.  Never ask, "Why am I doing this?"
6.  Self deception is a good thing.  Athletes call this "Championship thinking."
7. Know there is a time limit on creative output. 
8. Do not regret the choices you have made.

Stay tuned.  Karen will expand on these ideas and the data to back them in upcoming blog posts!

Based on presentation of Karen Matheis from LFK Nerd Nite on August 8, 2012. 

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