Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Karen's Guide to Final Friday

Top Gallery Pics and Cocktail Destinations

Happy Hour at 715: 
715 Massachusetts
Our Favorite 715 Drink: Barrel Aged Manhattan
Happy Hour from 4-6 includes drink and menu specials

Invisible Hand's Poster for The New Bullshit

The New Bullshit: Work by Jeff Immer
The Invisible Hand
5-9 p.m.
846 Pennsylvania

So, the promotion for this show says this;
The Old Bullshit was slow.
The Old Bullshit was simple and made people happy some of the time.
The Old Bullshit was mean. 
The Old Bullshit loved money but could appreciate hard work. The Old Bullshit was comfortable with illusion. 
The Old Bullshit went to bed early and woke up before the sun. 
The New Bullshit is new.
Work by Jeff Immer

Jason Barr: New Wood
Frank's North Star
508 Locust Street
8-2 p.m.
Have a beer at Frank's and look at Jason's new paintings.
Photo of "Living Legend" Jason Barr

Still Stinkin 2K12 by Barr

See @larryvillelife's interview with Barr about the show here where Barr is quoted as saying:
 I was actually banned from putting dicks in this show. Frank asked me not to fill his bar with "penis rainbows" or "masturbating demons.
Justin Plakas at Wonder Fair

Unsung Heros: Work by Justin Plakas
Wonder Fair
6-10 pm
803 1/2 Massachusetts

We always like to stop by Wonderfair on Final Fridays.  Here is what their Facebook invite says about this event:
It must be really cold for stuff like sports trophies and magazine clippings in the shadow of high art material. But Justin Plakas wants those items to know they are art’s heroes in his new show debuting at The Wonder Fair this Final Friday, aptly titled UNSUNG HEROES.

Here is the Facebook Invite:

The Love Garden: 
822 Massachusetts
Hospital Ships and Drakkar Sauna: Live In Store Performance

We are anxious to hear the new single by Hospital Ships that comes out on Friday.


Work by Lora Jost

Lora Jost: Better Angels, Deer and a Boat
Do's Deluxe
416 E. 9th Street

Stop by for the Opening reception for Lora Jost.  Here is her description of her show:

 Lora Jost’s magical images pay homage to this beautiful world through dreamlike scenes and personal symbols that include children and deer, a wind chime microburst, tough-looking “better angels,” screaming babies and tranquil paper boats. In this exhibit of mixed-media collage, mosaics, and scratchboard drawings.
Nite Cap at Bourgeois Pig
6 E. 9th

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