Monday, November 26, 2012

PBR Book Club at the Tap Room and Reception for Laurie Culling

The PBR Book Club will be meeting on Tuesday at 8:00 at the Tap Room.  The current book is Michel Faber's Under the Skin. The audio for this book includes superb Scottish accents!
Many PBR book clubbers have rave reviews for Under the Skin, which will soon be released as a movie
Read our review of this book here:

Laurie Culling honored at the Library
Laurie Culling has coordinated the gallery space at the Lawrence Public Library for 20 years, and is stepping down.  Her years of volunteer service is being recognized at a reception in her honor this Friday at 5:00. 
Check out Laurie's website here:

Upgrade on the Gallery Space at the Library
The Lawrence Public Library is going through renovations that will change the entire layout of the library.  This includes the current gallery space.  At one point,  no space was designated to show art for the new library.  However, this has changed. Serious discussions have been underway to decide how to show art work in the new space.  Permanent art will be displayed by means of one large purchase, or several purchases; artists from the region have submitted proposals.   Placement will depend on the materials and scale of the project. Because the gallery space for rotating work of the current library lay out is small and under used, some have felt an upgrade is needed.  Options on lights and display are being debated in designs for the new library.

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