Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Lawrence Loves Snowpeople and David and Jacob's Thesis Show

Our staff loves the recent crop of snowpeople, which are almost as abundant in Lawrence as couches on front porches. Each snowperson seems to have their own personality.  Here are a few random pics we shot today.

By Central Junior High

By Central Junior High

Pic taken by Janet in NoLaw (North Lawrence)

Pic by Janet: In NoLaw ( North Lawrence)

We have party pics for the openings of the thesis shows of David Titterington and Jacob Burmood.  On Sunday, the Art and Design Building hosted these shows, each occupying a section of the gallery. Both shows reflect each artist's personality.  We loved meeting David's parents (who are a delight) and of course Luke Jordan made an appearance.

See our studio interview with David here:

Here are the party pics: 
 David's Mom

Square formatted paintings by David Titterington

 Artist David Titterington with a friend

 Sculpture by Jacob Burmood

 Pic of prodigious photographer  Luke Jordan

Pic of Artist Jacob Burmood

 Pic of Jacob at a sculpture pour (we think)

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