Saturday, October 8, 2011

Karen Matheis: Figure Drawing

It is great to walk through the halls of KU's drawing and painting rooms.  Things seem pretty much the same as when I studied there.  There is one striking difference....the smell.  In an effort to keep things as green as possible, the smell of toxic fumes of turpentine have disappeared.  However, I miss the old smells. It was the  distinct Art and Design building smell.   True, the air quality now is probably better for ones health, and true, I probably have bronchitis symptoms due to years of not paying attention to these types of things.  The trade off is that in the old days, one would not have to explain where they had been because you could smell where they had been on their clothes.  These are the days when smoking was allowed in restaurants and bars, so smells were always in our clothes and hair.  A persistent hacking cough was ordinary.  It was all for the art, man. 

Here are some pics from present day figure drawing teacher Amber Hansen's night class. 

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