Thursday, October 27, 2011

October Final Fridays

I hit the galleries and flash spaces most months for Final Fridays. A lot is planned for the upcoming Final Friday in Larryville, and much of the art looks interesting.  I thought about creating a plan  for when and where to go, but quickly chucked this idea.  I will start at The Pig, then wander around.  I find this is a better strategy for finding unusual works; and it may be the last Final Friday that the weather will be acceptable for meandering in a sauntering way. 

Must see events: Jeremy Rockwell's new paintings at the Pig; Invisible Hand show; Hospital Ships at Dusty Bookshelf; and Fasio Fashion Monsters at the Replay.  Also, unusual performance in Acme's front window involving a large cut out television and skits. 

After a night of viewing art, I plan to draw at Art and Design's Open Model on Saturday.  According to the schedule, the model is Katie. 

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