Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy All Souls Day

Today is All Souls Day, and second day of Days of the Dead in Latin American Countries.  On this day, the living and the dead can communicate. This holiday may seem obscure to some, but many families I know from Mexico still celebrate this holiday.

A toy company named Mezco Toyz sells creepy Days of the Dead dolls,  presumably for children?  The Series 20 Living Dead Dolls each arrive in a coffin box with wood grained graphics and have a death certificate and a poem. Here are some examples of the dolls and the poems that go with them.

Santeria Variant

Date of death: January 20th, 1913

She loved celebrating Dia de los Muertos
so much she prayed it come every day.
The only ear to hear her pleas was El Diablo's
so now once a year she rises to play.

El Luchador Muerto Doll

Date of Death: February 5th, 1984

In the ring El Luchador was king
And all of his opponents dispatched
Until this rudos said adios
And was defeated in a wager match


Date of death is January 20th, 1913

Elegant Catrina dressed for a night out of her grave
Sugar skull cookies are the sweets that she craves
The living have honored her with the altar they made
And she dances her way through the Dia de los Muertos Parade.

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