Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Karen Matheis: New Trend in Woodcuts

Lawrence currently has an art trend where final product of woodcuts and linoleum cuts are displayed on the block itself.  Although the paper impression from the block is the standard,  Nicolette Ross displayed relief blocks at the Lawrence Arts Center last year during her residency, and blocks are currently on display in the front cases at Art and Design. 

The technique is somewhere in between a relief sculpture and relief printmaking.  Lines and shapes of the block are cut using a tool. The block is inked, leaving the depressed negative space white. Having the image  displayed on the block shows process and texture that is sometimes undetectable when the image is transferred to paper.

Of course, this process is not a new innovation. Picasso also used this technique in his woodcuts.

Picasso's "Grande Tete de Femme au Chapeau Orne" ( 1962).

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