Monday, October 28, 2013

Undercover Investigation: Inside an Art Teacher Conference

We recently sent some of our reporters undercover to check out an art teacher conference. The Kansas Art Education Association Fall Conference was held at the Nelson-Atkins Museum and at a technology center in Overland Park, Kansas.  Here is the report they filed.

As we enter the technology center, we spot attendees wearing red lanyards around their necks.  We learn that the lanyards contain tickets for meals and a pen. At the start of the day, attendees linger by coffee and muffins until the first session starts. We see attendees pull out complicated workshop schedules from these lanyards, and mull over their next destination.

During the day, the 250 attendees from public schools, colleges, and city arts organizations attend workshops, visit with vendors, and participate in activities.  One focus of the conference is implementing "Common Core' into the art curriculum.  Common Core is a recent educational development which promotes higher order thinking, and combines art with other subject areas such as math and writing.  Other presentations focus on new technology, art demonstrations and activities, and media.

We keep tabs on events through the day with a twitter account set up for the event. Although the conference is busy, the art teachers seem to have time for fun as well.  Here are our pics:

Attendees at the Nelson-Atkins Museum where a docent is giving a tour

Attendee Beth Koon clowning at the Nelson-Atkins Museum

Dave Sturm of Bracker's Ceramics is modeling the red lanyard that attendees wore

Attendees learning a new monoprint technique

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