Sunday, September 21, 2014

Finding Beauty in Waning Sunflowers

A prodigious Facebook trend for Lawrencians for September is selfie pics of patrons eating pie at the new Ladybird Diner.  In competition for this trend has been sunflower photos, most of which were taken at the enormous Grinter sunflower field located off of Highway 24.  Those seeking photos of the flowers at this farm could keep up with the seasonal progress of these flowers through Kris Grinter's blog.  The blog gave readers updates on when the flowers were at full bloom, and etiquette when visiting.   In her latest post, Grinter wrote "There are a few flowers that still look pretty, but there are definitely in the minority.  Most of the field is well past its beauty faze and now busy making seeds."

We at Larryville Artists love decadence, so we headed straight to the waning sunflower fields to explore.  Here are our photos that we took:

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