Monday, September 22, 2014

Banned Book Trading Cards: Series III

"Lord of the Flies"  Trading card design by Eleanor Matheis
Card available on Tuesday

Nerdy book lovers of all kinds are lined up at the Lawrence Public Library this week to receive their daily dose of Banned Book trading cards.  The first card was distributed on Sunday, with a new card featured each day.  

We especially like the "Lord of the Flies" design by Eleanor Matheis.  Why was this book originally banned? According the Lawrence Public Library, "It was challenged because the book is demoralizing in as much as it implies that man is little more than an animal.”  
The artist statment for the card is strightforward: "The pig head represents the pig head and the island represents the island. " 

Look for this card as well as six other this week at the Lawrence Public Library. 

"Little Red Riding Hood" Trading card design by Lana Grove

"Harriet the Spy" Trading card design by Lora Jost

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  1. The Maltz Museum has been buying-up artworks of Marc Breed's and destroying them.
    -UPI Newswire