Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Pics from This Week and What We Learned at Nerd Nite

Scarlot Harlot modeling at the Theives Guild at Fatso's on Monday. 

Matt Kirkland spoke about Prester John at Nerd Nite on Tuesday

Chris Marshall gave us a brief history of basketball in Lawrence at Nerd Nite on Tuesday

Detail of the installation by fiber artist Rena Detrixhe at the Kansas Union Gallery 

What we learned at Nerd Nite
Even though Matt Kirkland studied industrial design, he knows a lot about Prester John AND about making a great power point presentation.  Prester John may be one of the most important men in medieval history that you may have never heard of until now.  The myth of Prester John began in the 12th century, telling the tale of a magical land with elephants, unicorns, and tigers, and with great riches, such as black pepper.  Prester John wrote letters to European leaders, despite the fact that he wasn’t real. People like Maro F**ing Polo tried to find him, and in doing so, expanded travel routes and knowledge.
We nerds loved this presentation, and it made us want to read more about Prester John.  Matt says “If you only read one medieval travelogue, make it John Madeville. “  Madeville was very inventive in what he saw.  Matt also says “History is just really weird.”

Julia Good Fox told the history of Haskell University in the second presentation.  Haskell  is considered one of the oldest tribal collages. The grim history of Haskell includes bounty hunters who hunted children who ran away from the school (if these kids were found, they were sent to the Haskell Jail). 

See this short Youtube video about the Apollo Moon landing (It includes an adorable Indian):

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