Monday, March 25, 2013

The scoop on MARTch Madness

Art by Leo Hayden

What is mARTch madness?  We here at Larryville Artists have the scoop for our readers.  The idea and concept of mARTch madness comes from Leo Hayden.  Like the brackets of NCAA basketball, 64 artists presented art work for the project. Like elimination in basketball,  judges will decide who enters the next bracket, narrowing the contest to 32 artists (these will be unveiled on Wednesday).  The next round of elimination will be announced during Final Friday.  

All the work will be shown at the 1109 Gallery. We stopped by the 1109 Gallery today where Leo is busy setting up and getting ready for the show.  Here are some pics:

Sculpture by Wes Casey

Sculpture by Frank Shopen

Sculpture by Grace Peterson

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