Sunday, March 24, 2013

Undercover Investigation: What is The Order of the Black Diamond?

Icon for The Order of the Black Diamond

What is The Order of the Black Diamond? We at LA have pursued a comprehensive undercover investigation and now have the answers to what this secrete society is.

The Order of the Black Diamond is a new project launched by the creative minds of the Wonder Fair Gallery.  It is shrouded in mystery, fun, and adventure.  All participants will get secret messages to help unlock the mysteries.  Funds raised by Kickstarter will help fund the project, its artists, and will support a hand-pulled print shop.

 According to Wonder Fair, here are what patrons of The Order of the Black Diamond will encounter:
"Following a series of clues left by the mysterious Black Diamonds, patrons may find themselves discovering new hobbies, magical places, learning new skills, or even stumbling upon hidden troves of art, all free for the taking. For indeed, there is art to be found and obtained from our Secret Order—but none of it will be kept within the walls of Wonder Fair…"

More Mystery
More on the Project: Final Friday
Wonder Fair will continue this project in the Wonder Fair Gallery this Final Friday for anyone who would like to participate. Kickstarter members of the Secret Order of the Black Diamond will be ushered into a mysterious gallery where they can see soon-to-be-hiddden Art Treasure caches, and where they will create a unique printed artwork for themselves.  Newcomers will be given a chance to join the Printernal Order for free, and all secret society members new and old will leave the evening with an enigmatic clue that will lead them to the next Black Diamond event.  All Secret Order business on Final Friday will take place at the Wonder Fair; for the rest of the month, Black Diamonds could pop up anywhere!

Clues to find our treasures, meanwhile, will be available both in the Wonder Fair shoppe and online at

All art and events generated by the Secret Order of the Black Diamond are FREE, family-friendly, accessible, and open to the public... if you can find them!  

A must see: Here is a link to the "Orientation of The Secret Order "Kickstarter page: