Friday, April 26, 2013

A Wet and Cold April Final Friday

Fourth of July at Love Garden

The art scene was quiet last night for April's Final Friday as the cold and rain kept large crowds away.  However, we found some terrific treasures particularly on Massachusetts Street.  The best score for the evening was hearing a fantastic set by The Fourth of July at the Love Garden.  We adored Wonder Fair's unseasonal summer pool drinks to accompany underwater paintings by Columbia's Kristen Martincic.  We also liked the large pop art-type painting by Kim Kearns at Hobbs.  

Here are the party pics from The Love Garden and other art spaces:

Fourth of July at Love Garden

We spotted a member of Ponyboy At Love Garden.  Ponyboy has a new CD out. 

Looking at records and listening The Fourth of July

Painting by Kim Kearns At Hobbs
Painting by Kim Kearns At Hobbs

Artist Joshua Holland at the Pig

Lost Art Space

Round table academic talk at the Lost Art Space

Work by Kristen Matrincic At Wonder Fair

At Wonder Fair

At the Fox Trot opening

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