Sunday, April 7, 2013

Tree Portals: Looking out, Looking in

Tree Portals: Looking Out, Looking In  is an environmental piece by KU graduate student Denise Dipiazzo. We noticed this project when we were on a walk near the Spencer and saw several trees with tiny tags on them. Closer inspection reveal the tags have colored paper attached, and information about each tree.  

Nine trees are targeted for the piece, each having seven tags on them.  The trees sit between the Spencer Museum and the Art and Design  Building. Four portals  steer  participants in the correct path, creating a purposeful connection between trees as well as an exploratory path in Marvin Grove. 

The tags include information about specific tree species, but they also read like mini-poems. Some of the information is covered by colored paper.  Intentional bleeding of color has occurred on some tags. 

Detail of the project "Tree Portals"

Part of one tag reads "The Flower is Dioecious, light green to purple
both sexes lacking petals....."

Descriptions on trees

Artist's Statement about the project: 
My goal is to create multi-sensory sculptural environments 
that invite participants to daydream, wander and escape into the 
surrounding natural world as a respite to their daily routines.

Artist Denise Dipiazzo creating a portal

Tree located behind the Spencer Museum

Map of the Path of where the trees are

Photo of the artist

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