Sunday, April 28, 2013

Open Studios at KU

Artist Steven Prochyra in his studio

We visited the yearly event where KU students clean their studios and open them up to the public.  This year drew big crowds.  Here are some of the artists and work we saw today. 

inside Prochyra's studio

Steven Prochyra has been working with conducting an electric field through the body.  The field is recorded on a computer screen in a terrain rendering graphic.  We stood on the pads and tested it!

Prochyra at work

Brianna Guian
"Wild Hunt Mask"

Brianna Buian
"The Hitcher"

We Spotted @Boredintellect and took his pic in front of his work

Seanna Hunter

Seanna Hunter

Jake Oxnard in his sculpture studio
His current work combines plants with iron scultpure

Joshua Lee Robinson in front of his painting "Visitation"

Der Lee's incredible work

Eli Gold in his studio.  Eli currently has his teapot collaboration project that his created with elementary school children on display at the Lawrence Arts Center

Brian Hawkins in his Studio
Brian is currently working on an impressive animation project.  
He discussed work process with us.  His background as a printmaker has helped prepare him for his current work, especially in the areas of constructing and planning.  He tells us he enjoys spending a long period of time with an image, working with the layers and the lighting. 

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