Sunday, March 31, 2013

Party Capers at Teller's

Becky Harpstrite

 “Party Capers” is the new show by Becky Harpstrite at Teller’s. Harpstrite's paintings depict actual, but bizarre, 1950’s party games. The paintings are fabulous, but so was the opening! The crowd at the opening reception stayed in character as they participated in some of the games that are in the paintings. In one game, a crowd watched as blind folded man “hunted” another blind folded man in the game “Bear Crawl. “

Crowd watching the party games in progress

Painting of "Bear Crawl" by Becky Harpstite

Photo of the artist

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Top Four March Final Friday Picks

March Final Friday should be interesting, as it is in the middle of when KU time slot in the NCAA Tournament.  Some venues will open early.
Here are our top four picks for this month's Final Friday:

Wonder Fair: The Secret Order of the Black Diamond
803 1/2 Massachusetts 6-10pm

Wonder Fair has a mysterious Final Friday planned in conjuction with their Kickstarter project "The Secret Order of the Black Diamond."
Here is what Wonder Fair says about this project ""Following a series of clues left by the mysterious Black Diamonds, patrons may find themselves discovering new hobbies, magical places, learning new skills, or even stumbling upon hidden troves of art, all free for the taking. For indeed, there is art to be found and obtained from our Secret Order—but none of it will be kept within the walls of Wonder Fair…"

See Larryville Artists's full review for the show here:

See the Kickstarter video the The Secret order of the Black Diamond here:

mARTch Madness 1109 Gallery
1109 Massachusetts Street

We stopped by this show earlier this week, and were very impressed with some of the art work. The concept is based on the NCAA Basketball Championship.  Starting with 64 artists, judges decide who goes forward to the next round. After Wednesdays' winners are announced, the field is narrowed to 32.  Friday night will unveil the top winners of the 32 remaining artists who will advance to the next round. All art entered will be shown on Final Friday.

See our review of this show here:

Lawrence Arts Center Benefit Art Auction 2013
940 new Hampshire
Local artists have contributed to the annual art auction at the Arts Center. There is a wide variety of art to look at, and is worth checking out.
Included in this show is David Loewenstein's work (below)

Check out the art work online here:

Andy Byers "Servants" at The Invisible Hand
846 Pennsylvannia

Andy Byers is collaborating with Hospital Ships for a project which is described as a "Multi-Part" art experience. This Final Friday exhibition will show production elements of a the project and the film itself.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Allie Wegren at Art and Design

Allie Wegren: Hidden Hands
Allie Wegren has her thesis show at the Art and Design Gallery this week. We have been anticipating this thesis show for months.  We visited Allie at her studio last September, and found her hard at work preparing for this textile installation.  The reception is Thursday, 5-7 pm in the Art and Design Gallery.

Preparation for the huge installation at Art and Design

Studio Visit with Allie
When we visited Allie, we found her studio is filled with textile related items such as thread, pieces of fabric, and dying materials.  Ideas for fabric integration were pinned to walls.  Each piece of the installation is a mini work in itself.

Here is the Facebook invite for this show:

Monday, March 25, 2013

The scoop on MARTch Madness

Art by Leo Hayden

What is mARTch madness?  We here at Larryville Artists have the scoop for our readers.  The idea and concept of mARTch madness comes from Leo Hayden.  Like the brackets of NCAA basketball, 64 artists presented art work for the project. Like elimination in basketball,  judges will decide who enters the next bracket, narrowing the contest to 32 artists (these will be unveiled on Wednesday).  The next round of elimination will be announced during Final Friday.  

All the work will be shown at the 1109 Gallery. We stopped by the 1109 Gallery today where Leo is busy setting up and getting ready for the show.  Here are some pics:

Sculpture by Wes Casey

Sculpture by Frank Shopen

Sculpture by Grace Peterson

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Undercover Investigation: What is The Order of the Black Diamond?

Icon for The Order of the Black Diamond

What is The Order of the Black Diamond? We at LA have pursued a comprehensive undercover investigation and now have the answers to what this secrete society is.

The Order of the Black Diamond is a new project launched by the creative minds of the Wonder Fair Gallery.  It is shrouded in mystery, fun, and adventure.  All participants will get secret messages to help unlock the mysteries.  Funds raised by Kickstarter will help fund the project, its artists, and will support a hand-pulled print shop.

 According to Wonder Fair, here are what patrons of The Order of the Black Diamond will encounter:
"Following a series of clues left by the mysterious Black Diamonds, patrons may find themselves discovering new hobbies, magical places, learning new skills, or even stumbling upon hidden troves of art, all free for the taking. For indeed, there is art to be found and obtained from our Secret Order—but none of it will be kept within the walls of Wonder Fair…"

More Mystery
More on the Project: Final Friday
Wonder Fair will continue this project in the Wonder Fair Gallery this Final Friday for anyone who would like to participate. Kickstarter members of the Secret Order of the Black Diamond will be ushered into a mysterious gallery where they can see soon-to-be-hiddden Art Treasure caches, and where they will create a unique printed artwork for themselves.  Newcomers will be given a chance to join the Printernal Order for free, and all secret society members new and old will leave the evening with an enigmatic clue that will lead them to the next Black Diamond event.  All Secret Order business on Final Friday will take place at the Wonder Fair; for the rest of the month, Black Diamonds could pop up anywhere!

Clues to find our treasures, meanwhile, will be available both in the Wonder Fair shoppe and online at

All art and events generated by the Secret Order of the Black Diamond are FREE, family-friendly, accessible, and open to the public... if you can find them!  

A must see: Here is a link to the "Orientation of The Secret Order "Kickstarter page:

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Party Capers on Tuesday and Poetry Book Release Party Today

We are very excited about an art opening at Tellers on Tuesday.  Although many know Becky Harpstrite as a co-boss at Nerd Nite, she will show her latest work.  The Facebook invite says "Party Capers has already been enjoyed by all types of people and is guaranteed to be several evenings of hilarious fun.  You're welcome."
The opening is from 5:00-8:00.


Poetry is alive and well in Lawrence.  Two new poetry book releases are today at the Tap Room from 6:30-8:30 pm.  Mary Stone Dockery's book "Aching Buttons" and Katie Longofono's "The Angel of Sex" have just been released. There will also be a short poetry reading by the two poets along with poets Callista Buchen and Ben Cartwright.

Here is the Facebook invite:

Friday, March 22, 2013

The Art of Skateboarding: Nicholas Ward

Photo by Nicholas Ward

Our staff has been pestering Nicholas Ward to share his photos of skateboarders for months. Now we finally have them to share with you!  Ward has posted his work on, a blog that is a skate-culture hub for Kansas and Missouri.  Skater J. P Redmon runs this site.

Ward, a skater himself, says he grew up in South Dakota as part of a skate crew called "Tuff Customers." He says "Most everyone I know and most of the things I have done have come to me through art and skateboarding and I feel pretty damn good about that."

See more photos by Ward and Redmon's blog here:

Photo by Nicholas Ward

Photo by Nicholas Ward

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Scarlet Harlot at Dr. Sketchy and Pat Slimmer's Outdoor Sculpture

Scarlet Harlot will be at Dr. Sketchy in Kansas City on St. Patrick's Day.  Scarlet is a busy woman indeed.  Not only is she a wonderful burlesque performer, but she is also a great photographer!  If you are in between beers on St. Patrick's Day, check her out at Dr. Sketchy.
Here is the Facebook invite:

Here is the link to Atomic Photography:

Photo of Scarlet's "Glam Eyes" 

"Tree Unchained"
Outdoor sculpture by Pat Slimmer

The man behind some of Lawrence's most creative cars in Art Tougeau has created a beautiful large scale sculpture. Pat Slimmer made the work with the intent of entering it in the yearly Downtown Sculpture Exhibit.   Although the city rejected the sculpture because people can easily climb on it, you can view Pat's sculpture outside Slimmer's Automotive.

Detail of Sculpture

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Pics from This Week and What We Learned at Nerd Nite

Scarlot Harlot modeling at the Theives Guild at Fatso's on Monday. 

Matt Kirkland spoke about Prester John at Nerd Nite on Tuesday

Chris Marshall gave us a brief history of basketball in Lawrence at Nerd Nite on Tuesday

Detail of the installation by fiber artist Rena Detrixhe at the Kansas Union Gallery 

What we learned at Nerd Nite
Even though Matt Kirkland studied industrial design, he knows a lot about Prester John AND about making a great power point presentation.  Prester John may be one of the most important men in medieval history that you may have never heard of until now.  The myth of Prester John began in the 12th century, telling the tale of a magical land with elephants, unicorns, and tigers, and with great riches, such as black pepper.  Prester John wrote letters to European leaders, despite the fact that he wasn’t real. People like Maro F**ing Polo tried to find him, and in doing so, expanded travel routes and knowledge.
We nerds loved this presentation, and it made us want to read more about Prester John.  Matt says “If you only read one medieval travelogue, make it John Madeville. “  Madeville was very inventive in what he saw.  Matt also says “History is just really weird.”

Julia Good Fox told the history of Haskell University in the second presentation.  Haskell  is considered one of the oldest tribal collages. The grim history of Haskell includes bounty hunters who hunted children who ran away from the school (if these kids were found, they were sent to the Haskell Jail). 

See this short Youtube video about the Apollo Moon landing (It includes an adorable Indian):

Saturday, March 9, 2013

What to do this week: Drawing at Fatso's on Monday and Nerd Nite on Tuesday

It's a busy week in Lawrence.  Although many are preparing for tournament time, as we are indeed in Jayhawk territory, there are great art events on Monday and Tuesday of this week. 

Monday: Drawing at Fatso's
Fatso's on Massachusetts 7:00
One of our favorite models/photographers, Scarlot Harlot,  will be the star of the Fatso's drawing session on Monday.  The cost is $5.00. Bring drawing supplies.  These drawing sessions, hosted by the Thieves Guild, keep getting better every month.  

History: Nerd Nite on Tuesday

When and Where: Pachamama's, with presentations at 8:00

We are lucky enough to have organizers who take the time to come up with great Nerd Nites in Lawrence. Here is the description for this month: 
We’ll look at the Lawrence region’s history of de/colonization, the centuries long myth of Prester John that propelled the spice trade and the Crusades, and how the dirt and rocks beneath our feet have influenced history.

Presentations include: 

Lies, Damned Lies, and Primary Sources: The Lost History of Prester John by Matt Kirkland

In the Heart of Indian Country: Lawrence and Its De/colonization (Part One)
by Julia Good Fox (Pawnee)

Domineering Boulders: What Geology and the Natural World Have to Say About Our Civilization and Our Culture by Josh Feldman

Nerd Nite will be on Tuesday this month because of the Big 12 tournament. Doors opening at Pachamama's Alton Ballroom at 7 pm with presentations starting at 8 pm!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Worth Seeing: An Errant Line at the Spencer

 A viewer stands in front of large textiles in the new show An Errant Line

 An Errant Line is an impressive large scale textile installation by Ann Hamilton and Cynthia Schira at the Spencer Museum in Lawrence.  It spans many galleries of the museum, and took eight years to plan.  An Errant Line refers to threads of a textile that float freely on a loom making an unexpected decorative pattern.  A happy mistake or opportunity, these lines are a result of threads pulled from a tight weft.  These irregular lines are called "errant."

The show integrates parts of The Spencer Museum itself into the installation, including art works and architectural structure.  To prepare for the exhibit, Hamilton and Schira looked at works located in the museum.  Pieces were picked based on the artists' personal reaction to them. Often the art they were most attracted to was in storage or in KU's anthropology facility.   The items were scanned, then reinvented into their work.

On opening night in March, Hamilton and Schira discussed their work process in an informal panel.   They explained that engaging with the art from the museum allowed them to think about the nature of museums and the objects museums conserve. Before an art work comes to a museum, someone composed the art in a state of consciousness.  Once the art has been created, the viewer is able pick on this chain of thought when experiencing it. Hamilton compared the effect to the piano that sits in the central court of The Spencer; one can feel the history of performance even when the piano is silent.

Both Hamilton and Schira are highly regarded in the textile field.  Schira is known for her use of a secondary weft in weaving, an innovation she found to be spontaneous.  Hamilton is recognized for her large-scale installations.  The artists met in the 1970's while Schira was a textile teacher at the University of Kansas and Hamilton was her student.  The student/teacher relationship has grown to collaboration status between the two artists.

The exhibit will be on display though August 11.

 Installation as seen from above

 Display showing the work process of Schira

Friday, March 1, 2013

New Show at the Spencer and Cool Snow Photos

Cynthia Schira  and Ann Hamilton getting ready for their new show at the Spencer:  An Errant Line: photo via The Spencer Museum

A new show opens this Saturday at the Spencer Museum. An Errant Line is a new installation from fiber artists Cynthia Schira and Ann Hamilton. Commissioned by the Spencer Museum, the work will "transform" many rooms of the museum. 
 The opening for this show is from 6:00-8:00 pm Saturday
Cool photos posted this past week in Lawrence of the snow wonderland
Photo by Pat Connor

Photo by Nigel Peterson: "Here is a photo I took this evening. I have never come across this phenomenon before. Just the right leaf in the right wet snow with the right wind." 

Photo posted by Wonder Fair of a message found in the alley behind WF

Photo of Liberty Hall taken in June by Leo Nightingale