Monday, January 6, 2014

Photography: Travis Moore

"Barn in the Snow" by Travis Moore

Travis Moore's photos of Kansas barns caught our eye.  We liked the simplicity and the elegance of the architecture. 
In a statement about his work, Travis told us " I like to capture the intrinsic beauty of the natural landscape. Photography allows me to focus on the beauty of the world, capturing a moment in time, and making it last forever.

"DeSoto Barn" by Travis Moore

Artist Statement: 
In my on-going series, Kansas Barns, I'm seeking out a diversity of barns. Everything from restored barns, to barns withering away, untended. The majority of barns in Kansas are no longer in use, and many of them are rotting away, falling down, being torn down. These barns are an integral symbol of Kansas's history, and I aim at documenting many of them in order to preserve the history that each of them behold, in a beautiful way. Many of these barns once stored the livelihood of the people who tended the land, and as more of these barns become victims of neglect their rich history also subsides.

You can see Moore's work in a small gallery in J. Lynn Bridal located Downtown. You can also view his work on Facebook ( see link here),  Twitter (@TMPhotographs), and Instagram (TravisCMoore). Travis hopes to show work this summer at Final Friday events. 

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