Sunday, January 19, 2014

What we learned from Snipe Hunt

Pop culture, super-heros worship, magic, and 1960's era futurism! These are favorite subjects for Matthew Lord and Kent Smith.  Creating and scheming, they collaborate on imaginative projects. Recent undertakings include a specialized art car and an ongoing monthly drawing event using burlesque performers as models. 

Their latest art show, Snipe Hunt, had its closing reception yesterday. 
This absurdist exhibit proved to be fun stuff. SNIPE HUNT is an acronym for Society of the Never Ending inquest to prove Existence and Hopefully uncover Non-typical Terrestrials. Here is the set-up.:  The Percolator gallery is now a government laboratory whose mission is to "uncover non-typical terrestrials" such as Sasquatch and the Loch Ness-monster.  The laboratory includes scientific specimens with labels, summery of encounters on clip boards with sensitive material redacted, maps pinpointing encounters, and raw footage film of "sightings" on the walls.  The show is interactive with a case number assigned to each sighting that could be found on a map, and submissions from the public. 

What next for Smith and Lord? They have a Naked Lunch spot at the Arts Center on February 14 where they will "most likely talk about cryptic phenomena OR focus on awesome portraits of Christopher Walken, OR other such nonsense. "

Chupacabra, stuffed animal

Moth Man
Matthew Lord, mixed media

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