Saturday, January 11, 2014

The New Generation of Nerd Nite

It's a new year, and new faces are in charge of the Lawrence chapter of Nerd Nite.  The new co-bosses are very excited for their new adventures. To learn more about what the Nerd leaders have in store for us,  Larryville Artists arranged a private interview scoop with co-boss Chad O'Bryhim.  Here is what O'Bryhim had to say in our interview. 

I decided I wanted to become a Co-Boss just minutes into my first Nerd Nite.  After two months of being denied entry due to capacity, I finally stole a seat and it took just one presentation-on quantum mechanics and art - for me to know that this is the sort of community I could get down with. 

Now that I'm officially a Co-Boss,  I'm absolutely full of make believe power and Pachamama;s spiked punch.  And it tastes good. 

Amy, Peter, and I have had a lot of frustration already over the last two months sorting out how to best host Nerd Nite Lawrence.  We resolved that by moving our meetings to a bar.  

What can Nerd Niters expect in 2014?  More special traveling guest speakers, some high profile guest talking about unexpected subjects, a Nerd Nite presence in more community events, and some surprise swag for attendees.  We've had fun brainstorming ways to stretch your dollar door charge to impractical awesome goals. 

Check out the next Nerd Nite Number 23 "Cracking Cultural Codes."  Doors open at 7:00 and presentation are at 8:00.  More information can be found here:

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