Friday, June 20, 2014

Touring a Beer Factory: Pilsner Urquell

Saint Augustine, Patron Saint of Brewers

The famous Charles bridge in Prague is lined statues of saints, including St. Augustine, patron saint of brewers. Beer is a very important staple in the Czeck republic, and many Czecks tout its health benefits.  In a city where beer is cheaper than water, we wanted to investigate the inner workings of a local beer factory. We cut to the chase and immediately ventured on a day trip to The Pilsner Urquell Beer Factory in Plzeň

WIlly Wonka-esque gates introduce us to the factory that was started in 1843.  We signed up for a tour that included a detailed map, view of the facilities, a bus, history, and beer tasting.  Our guide gave us comprehensive statistics on amounts of beer brewed per day ( which was a lot), and the beer making process.

Detailed map worthy of a Nerd Nite presentation

Inside the Pilsner Urquell Factory

bottles of beer

Abby in front of a selection of beers

Unique beer tasting of fresh, unfiltered beer

We encountered a trippy panoramic movie, mannequins demonstrating the old time beer process, and barrels exhibiting an array of grains and hops.  We left with a greater understanding of the scope of history of this beer, and a Pilsner Urquell hat. 

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