Sunday, June 29, 2014

Outlaw Literature: Pioneer Press visits Lawrence

Pioneer Press visits Lawrence

A farm outside of Leavenworth called "The Hard Fifty" is home to a zine cooperative that is way cool. Pioneer Press creates, prints, and travels with zines of all subjects.  Their speciality is DIY and "how to" guides. Some of the zines are printed into small books.  Adam Gnade's book The Do It Yourself Guide To Fighting the Big M** Sad is about dealing with everyday life. Another book we spot is a how to guide for cycling across the country.

A launch party on Massachusetts Street today celebrates the acquisition of a new trailer for Pioneer Press via a Rocket Grant.  The trailer will be used for traveling as Pioneer Press distributes and sells zines. Although this impressive mobile cooperative will be in other cities this summer, they promised they would stop by Lawrence again sometime soon.

Visit the Pioneer Press site at

The new zine mobile was purchased with funds from a Rocket Grant

Some of the zines have been printed into books

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