Monday, June 30, 2014

The WIld West FIlm Project and Imagining The Future of Lawrence

Free State Film Festival
One of our favorite events at the Free State Film Festival was the Wild West Film Contest. This yearly event is a film competition that challenges teams of filmmakers to create a 5 minute film in 48 hours.  Along with a time restraint, contributors must adhere to rules that are top secret until the contest begins.This year, the films opened with "What are you doing here?"

A big shout out to Jason Badgett's super hero/where are they now film  Ameriman.  Jason tweets "My trilogy of films didn't win 1st place, but the judges awarded us the special "WTF" award for our efforts."


We investigated an event that challenges Lawrence residents to think about what Lawrence might be like in the future. Imagings participants gathered in a building on the Haskell campus on Sunday for contemplation and discussion.  As we enter the room of chatty people, we encounter a crazy sign that reads "Imagings...caution....time portal ahead." 

A variety of ideas were shared in small groups, but we heard many comments about keeping local neighborhoods vital. 

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