Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Cold Pressed Coffee Art

As you sip your iced coffee at The Bourgeois Pig and Henry's, check out the art that is on display. These two local coffee houses have art shows on exhibit that use non-traditional media in a fun and playful way.

Kristen Shuler uses embroidery to depict body parts including the stomach system, gallstones, and lungs.  She works as a Medical social worker at a community health clinic.. Through her work teaching health literacy to families living with chronic illness, she finds inspiration for her hand stitched anatomical designs.  Her work has been featured in articles in Smithsonian Magazine and cover art for RadioLab.  
Check out her website at :

Kristin Shuler Dimensional Lung

Patron at Henry's sporting an incredible red purse

Bourgeois Pig
Marie McKenzie is a local artist with a sculpture and painting background.  Her latest series uses wood grains to show the terrain of environments.  Her artists statement includes a description: "Tactile and textural, my recent wood sculptures highlight the earth's ever-changing surface. "

Marie McKenzie Canyon Series

drinking coffee with MeKenzie's art in the background

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