Friday, July 11, 2014

Exploring TIme in Hitting Home

Betsy TImmer
Found frame, paper, clay, paper, paint, wood

Betsy Timmer explores time in her new show Hitting Home at The Lawrence Arts Center.  The exhibition includes media materials  that are found in a residence including textiles, piled on one another,  a mop molded dress, manipulated ironing board covers, and small cube-like houses.

We asked Timmer to describe her present work.  "These days, I feel aware of time passing.  I am sensitive to how I spend my time and what I put my energy to.  For example, I have small children, and I see how they change everyday."

TImmer has chosen creative ways to explore time. Façade has stratums of cloth and other materials that are layered like sediment. They are packed together with a house shaped box on the exterior.

Betsy TImmer
mat board, paint, wood, vintage textiles, found objects

Most of the pieces in the show are made with whites with touches of grey. We asked TImmer about her neutral color palette choice.  She tells us she prefers whites as they show dirt and decay easily.

The show will be up until August 23 in the LAC front gallery.
Her Insight Art talk will be July 14 at 7p.m.

Artist Betsy Timmer
Tall Grass, Deep Water
Here are some pics from last night's opening Tall Grass, Deep Water at The Lawrence Arts Center.

two people stand in front of Pam Sullivan's Sea Light

Two people in front of Chris Wolf Edmond giclée print on cotton Color in Bluestem

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