Thursday, July 10, 2014

Success with Guerrilla Gardening Day and Color Inspirations

Guerilla Gardening Success!

Seeds spread on Guerrilla Gardening Day are blooming into flowers all over Lawrence.  One area of sunflowers planted by this group can be seen by the North Lawrence bridge. We don't know exactly who these mystery seed bandits are, but they are making Lawrence more beautiful!

Color Inspirations

We were curious about color inspiration for artists,  We decided to investigate. We talked with Lawrence artist Karen Matheis to see what her color inspirations are.  She told us that she used the colors found in a set of mid-century coffee cups for one of her recent landscape paintings.  "The Earth tones were perfect!"  In another landscape painting, she used colors found in nail polishes. 

Mid-century coffee cups

Karen Matheis: View of Lake

Nail Polish

Karen Matheis,  untitled

See more of work by Karen Matheis at

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