Sunday, December 14, 2014

Christmas Time: Shopping and Letter Writing

Fun Chirstmas Shopping! We were with @Larryville Life when we saw this Santa gem at Hobb's

Wonder Fair's Letter Writing Club
Equipped with pens, paper, cards, stamps and hot drinks, letter writers met for the third meeting of Wonder Fair’s Letter Writing Club at a local coffee shop today.  We observed that members appeared to be very serious about their composing.  After a small amount of chit chat, members got down to the business of corresponding.  

Wonder Fair’s Meredith Moore explained The Letter Writing Club to us.  “Wonder Fair is community minded.  This club is one of many of our wonderful Wonder Fair clubs.   I personally wanted to build time in for more letter writing. It's sort of a therapy club. "   She added,  “Letter writing is a dying art.  As that trend continues, each letter we produce is archival.”

Club Member Allison selcting cards

Indeed, many club members archive letters received.  We talked with Karly who keeps a book of letters. She and a friend send the book back and forth to each other. “When my friend moved to Alaska, we started the book.  We keep the letters in the book as a reference of what we have written to each other. “

Some members were writing letters in Christmas cards.  Many of the cards were handmade or locally printed.  Club member Allison showed us her cards that feature a pair of underwear with the inscription “I have the worst job in the world. “ 

Each new session of the Letter Writer’s Club has a new letterhead design on paper that is passed out to members.  Our staff had to admit, we fell victim to the charms of the Letter Writing Club. And, generally, penmanship for members is exceptional!

Club Member Karly 

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