Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Newsy: K.C. Grant Funding Workshop

Deep Goes the Weasel
David Cedillo
via Rocketgrants.org

The second of six different arts funding workshops takes place in InterUrban ArtHouse on Thursday February 5th at 7pm, when grants administrators and grant recipients from Charlotte Street Foundation's Rocket Grants will present a workshop on this regional arts funding opportunity.

Arts Funding Series 2015 aims to outline the arts grants available to individual artists, artist groups and small organizations across the Kansas City Metropolitan Region, and further afield. Granting bodies include ArtsKC Regional Arts Council, Kansas Creative Arts Industries Commision, Charlotte Street Foundation, Mid-America Arts Alliance, and Downtown KC Council's Art Loop. Projects eligible for funding across this broad scope of grantors include public art projects, performances and exhibitions, community arts activities, strategic development, capacity-building and career-advancing opportunities.

“Artists across the Kansas City Metro have a unique selection of funding opportunities available to them,” says IUAH Assistant Director Nick Carswell. “Our hope is that more artists can explore grant funding as part of their portfolio of revenue streams, and as a vehicle to create engaging and sustainable art projects that benefit not only the individual artists, but the entire community.”

Each workshop will feature a presentation by a granting organization, and will cover details about grant guidelines, eligibility, timelines, budgets and successful narratives. Workshops will also feature successfully funded projects from previous grant recipients, and will be followed by discussion and Q&A.

Local performance artist David Cedillo attended a similar workshop by IUAH in March 2014, which resulted in his experimental project Mondo Deep being rewarded a $6,000 Rocket Grant with interactive performances at local drive-in movie theaters. David says: “I talked to Nick Carswell after Julia Cole’s [Rocket Grants coordinator] presentation about reshaping Mondo Beep to make it eligible for a Rocket Grant, and he suggested teaming up with a visual artist like a sculptor. We were just brainstorming that night, but a few ideas came to me in the days that followed.”

The aim of these workshops is to connect individual artists with funding opportunities, to increase the quality and success of future applications, and to support the development of future art projects that are both suitable for arts funding and benefit the community through artistic excellence and community engagement.

For more information, visit www.interurbanarthouse.org/artsfundingseries2015/ or contact InterUrban ArtHouse on (913) 432-1916

Text provided by Press Release,  InterUrban ArtHouse

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