Saturday, February 7, 2015

Looking for a Drink

Dusty Dog
at The Eighth Street Tap Room

Valentine’s Day is a time for love.  During this season, our staff is investigating what love means.  What is love?  Does love lead to happiness? Can we find Love?

In pursuit of this enduring and incessant philosophical inquiry about love, we asked our persnickety Larryville Artist Food Critic to help us in an expedition.  We visited The Eighth Street Tap Room in search of love in a drink.

An Easy Beats record played as we entered The Taproom. Our bartender, Mitch, accepted our challenge to create love in a drink. After conferring with others sitting at the bar, Mitch mixed a Dusty Dog.

Made with vodka, lemon, fresh squeezed ginger, angostura bitters, and crème di cassis, the drink is sweet without tasting syrupy.  The ginger and lemon give a slight bite. A lovely shade of pink that doesn’t taste pink, our cocktail lacks frills (in a good way).

Is the Dusty Dog puppy love? We gave Mitch extra points for creating a love drink that isn’t sickeningly sweet.

Cost for our love: $4.00

Our bartender Mitch
He is also an illustrator
Check out his art here: 

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