Friday, February 6, 2015

Our Last Farewell Drink at Pachamamas

Aviation at Pachamamas

We visited our favorite Pacha bartender, Paige, and asked her to make us a cocktail.  After many cocktails served to us while lounging on comfy couches at Pachamamas, this may be our last. Pachamamas closes its doors after Valentine's day.

What send-off drink did Paige make us? Paige created an Aviation consisting of gin, luxardo, and crème de violette topped with a cherry.  

Aromatic, floral, and light, the Aviation is tart and smooth.  With a touch of sophistication, this cocktail is for pondering over the latest  New Yorker Magazine while sitting on penthouse balconies.

We accompanied with Pommes Frites sided with a kicked up homemade ketchup. Companions drank Red Stripe in tall cans. 

Au Revioir! Pachamamas. Take care.


Companions drinking Red Stripe while lounging on a couch

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