Sunday, December 30, 2012

Art News: Most Memorable Stories of 2012

We are looking back at some of the most memorable national and international art news stories for 2012.  Here are our top stories, 

1. Christ image Re-Make

We loved this story of a fresco make-over in Borja, Spain by 80 year old Celia Jimenez. We actually liked the make-over!   Her Christ image was all over the internet, and even inspired Halloween costumes. Jimenez in now a international celebrity, and is selling her art.  

2. A Rothko gets tagged

An artist tagged a Rothko at the Tate with a marker.  He claimed the value of the Rothko would go up.

3. Guy visits museum, looks like an old painting

The painting hanging in the Philadelphia Museum of Art is called Portait of a Nobleman with a Dueling Gauntlet and was painted in 1562. 

Photo via Hyperallergic

4. Hurricane Sandy devastates small galleries

Hurricane Sandy brought heavy rains and flooding to New York City. Especially hard hit were small and independent galleries in the Chelsea District.  Artist studios were also flooded. 

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