Monday, December 10, 2012

Nerd Nite and Exploding Christmas Tree Ornaments

Nerd Nite: 8:00 Wednesday at Pachamamas
Can you believe that Nerd Nite is a year old?  We are gearing up for this Wednesday's Nerd Nite 12.  Alum Nite 12 will feature three past speakers that were voted favorites among the crowd.
Here are the presentations:

1) "The Sound of Thunder Over Headphones: Ray Bradbury and the Radio" by Justin Runge

2)  "Spit-Shining the Rust Belt: Transforming a Region from Smokestacks to Tech Startups" by Steph Kozak 

3)   "The origins of life: A quick biochemical history" by Bryan Smith

Want to see a past Nerd Nite online?  Nick has been filming!  
See Nerd Nite 9 Down Home, here:
Nerd Nite 11 Soviet Bloc Party:

And... we loved the delightful pic of Nerd Nite's Co-bosses Travis and Becky that were featured in the Journal World so much, we want to repost!


Exploding Christmas Tree Ornaments: 
Photographer Alan Sailer works out of his garage shooting things with a high-speed pellet rifle and photographing the results using a homemade flash unit. An interesting series of photographs called The War Against Christmas.  Christmas tree ornaments are filled with various things and explode when shot. 

Filled with colored sand from a garage sale

Check out more images from The War Against Christmas here:

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