Thursday, December 27, 2012

Looking Back: Most Memorable LFK Art Shows from 2012

1. A Story of Chickens
Amber Hansen
The Percolator

Certainly the most controversial of any art project from 2012, A Story of Chickens made national news.  Hansen received a Warhol Foundation Rocket Grant to house chickens around Downtown Lawrence.  At the end of the project, the chickens would be eaten at a community gathering.  Hansen received hate mail, and as a result of pressure, including a city ordinance, ultimately excluded chickens from the project. 

2. I Have Big Feelings
Henry Schiederman
Art and Design Gallery

We loved Henry's huge and eerie sculptures that reminded us of Death Eaters from Harry Potter

Pic of artist Henry Schiederman

3. Out of My Hands
Eli Gold
Lawrence Arts Center

Gold spent months creating a silver tea pot.  After a special tea ceremony, Gold smashed his tea pot as a means of renewal. 
4. Balloon Sculpture
Willy Chyr
Lawrence Arts Center

We hated this balloon sculpture that was touted as science related and hung on the ceiling of the Arts Center.  It started bright and cheery (seen in the below picture), but quickly became an eye sore as the balloons deflated.


5. Body of Work
Group Show
Lawrence Arts Center

Some of the most talented Lawrence artists working with the figure participated in this group show over the summer.  We especially liked Hasen's film of her rolling down a hill, and TJ's movable cardboard sculpture. 


6. Dark Inside
Jessica Wohl
Invisible Hand

We loved this creepy and insightful show which used a multi-media combination of embroidery on old photographs. 
7. DJ MCL Performs at the Spencer
in conjunction with contemporary South African Sculptures

The Spencer invited DJ MCL to perform in its formal central court.  The chairs were lined up straight and solemn as people in the audience quietly and politely listened. However, despite the academic surroundings, MCL gave a great performance. 

8. A Fuck Ton of Prints
Sean Starwars
Wonder Fair

Starwars was at the print loving gallery of Wonder Fair in June. We grilled Starwars on his work process.  He explained he created a new print every week.  We loved talking to him, and loved his whimsical prints.

9. Togethers
Lincoln Drawings
Nicholas Ward

We loved these multiple drawings of Lincoln.  And, we think Nicholas is looking more and more like Lincoln these days.

Pic of artist and Lincoln look- alike Nicholas Ward

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