Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Buying Art for the Holidays: Our Spectacula Shopping Guide

Looking for that special gift for that special someone? Want a cool gift that is in your price range? Or, do you have a person that is hard to shop for? Well, then, we have the perfect holiday shopping guide just for you.  Our list contains venues that have art created by Lawrence artists. 

1. Sip and Shop: Pachamama's Saturday 6-10 
If you like to booze up the holidays, especially while you shop,  then Sip and Shop is for you.  This event promotes shopping locally for holiday gifts, and includes artists such as Lesley Kay and Clinton Ricketts.  It's one stop shopping as The Invisible Hand and Wonder Fair will also be there. 

from Microcosm Distribution via Wonderfair

Go Go's  by Jason Barr will be for sale at Sip and Shop

2. KU Ceramics Club
4th floor Kansas Union
9-5:30 Tues-Thursday of this week
We like to support the KU Ceramics Club.  Proceeds for the club help pay for conferences and other expenses for students.  The pieces are affordable too; we bought our bowl for $22.00. 

Ceramic ware from the KU Ceramics Club

Ceramic ware from the KU Ceramics Club

member of the KU Ceramics Club

member of the KU Ceramics Club

3. Dave Loewenstein Open Studio
December 22, noon-6pm
411 East 9th Street
If you have someone in mind who is politically minded? Then this is the stop for you.  Here is the description: 
Many items will be for sale including mural postcard sets, Kansas Murals books, stencil prints and more. Visitors can also bring an item (think car, clothing, suitcase, furniture) to have stenciled for just $10. Special this year will be the work of Ashley Jane Laird, who's recent prints and drawings take on the legislature's attempts to role back the rights of women.

4. Bob Gent's Glassworks Studio
1801 Barker Avenue
Bob's glassworks are amazing, and he says he has fresh new work for the holiday season.  Call ahead to arrange a time to stop by, but he is pretty much around, especially on the weekends.  331-7231

Bob''s Christmas ornaments are $20.00 each

5. Wonder Fair Holiday Shop
If you are a lazy scenester who likes to shop while keeping pajamas on ( or just like to shop online) Wonder Fair has a holiday option for you.  Posters, zines, t-shirts, and prints are available online, and most are reasonably priced at around $30.00
Here is their website:

Also, check out wonder Fair's Snowy Mountain Holiday Showcase on December 14 from 6-9.  It sounds interesting.  Artists will create multiples from objects and things that are unusual.  Here is the description: 
The 2013 collection includes: a candy sculpture set, wooden puzzle, 7-color lithograph print, a bag with a question mark on it and anamorphic print with viewing tube. Each piece is expertly crafted using the highest quality materials, which have been sourced, designed, produced and/or created by Field Trip Publishing.
To see participating artists and read more, go to the Facebook Invite:
Poster by Dustin Williams from 100 Ghost Stories

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