Sunday, May 5, 2013

Drawing At Fatso's on Monday and Comic Book Day at Astro Kitty

It's M(art)ini time and time for drawing at Fatso's on Monday. The Theives Guild is hosting their monthly burlesque drawing event.  This month's theme is 1950's Mad Men inspired.  
Here is what the Facebook invite says: 
Hey Cats and Kittens!

Thieves Guild is shaking up another shwanky drawing session that we're sure you'll dig.
If sketchin' is your bag then this session is sure to be a gas. 

A lovely dame of Foxy By Proxy, Dolly D. Imples, will be posing and performing!

Monday May 6th 
7:00 p.m. @ Fatso's.... 

Only 5 Washingtons!
Astro Comics had their Comic Book Day on Saturday.  Many found refuge from the dreary rain as they  sorted through stacks of comic books.  

 Charlie found an awesome Tinker Bell at Astro Kitty

@indieabby88 was excited to find these comics at Astro Kitty

Carefully choosing at Astro Kitty

 At Astro Kitty

And check out the cool block prints by Paul.Punzo.   They are now at Essential Goods, located by Astro Kitty. 
Block print by Paul Punzo

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