Sunday, May 12, 2013

Giving Dumpster Diving Its Props

Artist Dave Loewenstein has finished a comprehensive look at the action of a beloved dumpster near Downtown in his project Give,  Take, Give.  Loewenstein received a Warhol Foundation Rocket Grant for his idea to record the cycle of items dropped off and picked up at the dumpster behind the Social Service League Thrift Store.  Loewenstein has documented the dumpster process in the book Give and Take which is both text and nifty photo essay.  A quote from the book:
No one is in charge.  There are no rules.  As Kelly Nightengale says "If nobody is making the rules, no one is breaking the rules.".

Many residents in the area visit this dumpster to drop things off and/or look.  Reasons for visiting the dumpster vary: some are looking for treasures, some are supplementing an income, some believe in recycling.  Many have stories of extraordinary finds.

A big question arises, will this distinguished dumpster survive the gentrification of the area after the upscale hotel is built in the lot next store?  Time will tell.

By the way, we also loved the photo essay in the blog The Larryville Chronicles, where  updated accounts of a dumpster at an apartment complex were given during Lawrence Moving Day in 2011. Photos show exchanges that happened within a few hours. See the LC essay here:

Photo via The Larryville Chronicles
Photos at the reception for Give, Take, Give

Dave reading from the book Give, Take, Give

People at the reception

We ate this retro type rice crispy cake made in the shape of this cake mold ( mold found at the dumpster)

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