Thursday, May 9, 2013

Nerd Nite gets Real Nerdy

Pic of the three presenters: Eric Melin, Jai Nitz, and Abby Olcese

Wow, what a great Nerd Nite on Thursday! At one point, Eric lead the whole crowd into an air guitar frenzy! It was epic as a thunderstorm raged outside.   Abby upped her nerd cred when she announced that she had a Monty Python themed 14th birthday party. As Abby's Monty Python's Life of Brian clip stagnated, the crowd burst into the song Always look on the bright Side of Life.

So many memorable quotes from this night, but here are a few:
@courtbelle says "Holy Sh***, @Scenstealreric can't even EVEN WATCH air guitar without Doing air guitar."
"To air is human, to air guitar is divine"
"Make air, not war""
"You can't steal anyone's invisible"

Here are some more pics from the evening.

                                          The Hash House Harrier Guys were in the crowd.

Pic of the dry t-shirt contest.  A lot of sex references on some of the nerdy t-shirts.  Who would have guessed? We loved the "Math is Sexy" shirt."

Nick gets a koozie from the Lawrence Public Library.  Nick gleefully announces "Wow, this is my new favorite thing."  We agree!

Pic of people in the audience

See you at the air guitar competition at the Record Bar June 7!

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