Saturday, May 18, 2013

Performance Art tonight and Industrious Industrial Designers

Performance Artist Samin Son
 We met performance artist Samin Son last night.  Although he lives in New Zealand, his performance art is inspired by his time spent in the South Korean army.  He will be performing at Seedco tonight. 
Industrial Designers
Last night, we visited Spooner Hall where KU's industrial design students displayed final projects. Industrial designers create or improve functional products or systems. The approach is part science and part art. We thought these designers were industrious indeed! Here are some of our favorite designers and their products: 

Sophie Hilleary
Sophie's design for flexible playground equipment allows for creative play.  The equipment is made of a foam material that can be shaped and manipulated.  Her concept won first prize at the KUCTC Innovation Fair

Jesse Waugh
Jesse is an industrial design student who also works as a mover on the KU campus.  He designed a dolly that would make moving safte and easy.  His construction considered the difficulties of moving items in narrow spaces and on stairs.

Austin LeRoy Swick explains his work to a crowd of people
Austin developed a design for a chair that could be created using minimal production equipment.  

 Patrick Vincent's Block Printing
Patrick Vincent's new show at the Arts Center is worth checking out.  The artist in residence used block prints as a medium to merge portraits of people with insects.

Patrick Vincent

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