Thursday, February 27, 2014

Is Final Friday Still A Thing?

Andrew Burkitt
Little Itchings
Bourgeois Pig

Hearing little buzz about the upcoming Final Friday prompted a tweet from @Larryvillelife of the famed Larryville Chronicles "Are we certain that Final Fridays is still a thing?"

While the yellow Final Fridays flags still hang outside venues, there has been a sharp decline in attendance. Some exhibitions have been dead.

Is it too cold for art? The harsh weather of late  is part of the problem. While event reporting, our own usually dedicated  LA corespondents have even been led astray with invitations of ducking in from the cold for a drink where one hot toddy leads to four.

We will be out and about this Final Friday and will report back what we see and hear.

Meanwhile, we like this post from Love Garden seen on the Final Friday website.  Will they really serve free tacos?

“Taco ‘Bout It”
a show inspired by the taco
*catered by Taco Zone and The Replay Lounge
Free Tacos

More information about this Final Friday:

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