Sunday, February 23, 2014

Our Smitten Sunday Event List

Corespondents at Larryville Artists have been pouring over the many happenings today and are quite smitten with a few. Some of the events are a bit of a mystery.   Check out our top picks for today.

1. Dan Lowe's The New Mythology at Art and Design
Drop by Dan Lowe's Thesis exhibit at Art and Design starting at 1:00 today.  Last we heard, he was busy making the finishing touches on his interactive kinetic and digital images. The only pic of the show Dan's posted so far is the one below ( yikes!).  It is all very hush-hush, but we are told it will be very exciting.

2. Bobby Seale at the Kansas Union
Former black panther leader Bobby Seale will speak at the Kansas Union today at 5:00 according to a twitter retweet by @larryvillelife.  It's difficult to find much information about this event, which leaves an aire of secrecy. A teaser describes it as "A Walk Through Black History."  We are intrigued!

3. Badlands at Film Church
Starting at 7:00, Liberty Hall will show Badlands on the big screen.  

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