Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Surreal: Shana Moulton at the Spencer

Shana Moulton will help school us in the newest in contemporary video and performance art trends when she visits the Spencer for a lecture on Thursday.  Her work deals with self conscious personal and present-day issues. Her alter-ego, Cynthia, is a little paranoid.  The humorous works are surrealistic.
In an interview with Flash Art Magazine, interviewer Marco Anonini asked Moulton how she would describe her work to a complete stranger? Moulton's reply
 Narrative, short videos and performances that usually feature my alter-ego, solving puzzles of self-discovery. If it is a friend of my parents I’ll use the Blue Man Group as a point of reference; if it is another artist or a curator, I’ll mention people that have influenced me like Michael Smith, Miranda July, Eleanor Antin, Maya Deren.
Lecture is at The Spencer Museum of Art, Thursday, 6:00.

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