Saturday, February 22, 2014

Terrific Art Shows Unveiled

Marty Olsen at Pachamamas

Marty Olsen's new works on paper are inspired by the divine in both imagery and intent.  These small and large paintings combine free brushstroke work with details of symbolism taken from major religions. The colors are vivid and lavish with a free spirited feel.  
Rachel Forrest at the Kansas Union

Oil painting by Rachel Forrest

Rachel Forrest's elegant new show of large and medium landscape paintings at the Kansas Union reflect the regional scenery of Kansas.  Rachel chatted with us about her work during her tasteful opening reception. She told us she fell in love with landscape painting while studying in France in 2013.

Check out more of her paintings here:!recent-paintings/c16wh

Le Jardin by Rachel Forrest
Dan Lowe
The New Mythology
Art and Design
And, don't miss Dan Lowe's Thesis Exhibit at Art and Design that starts on Sunday, with a closing reception on February 27 from 7:00-9:00 p.m.. The exhibition will be interactive, with kinetic and digital images and video installation. 

Photo of Dan Lowe by Luke Jordan

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