Sunday, April 20, 2014

Nice weather....finally!

The current weather will bring nice crowds to Lawrence's April Final Friday.  Invites show new faces to the circuit.  We will post our top picks later this week.

We've been following the posts on the twitter account @fakefinalfriday.  They seem to be all over town reporting on art events. This week, they've been trying to unlock the puzzle of who exactly will be exhibiting for April's  Final Friday.  Their quest is understandable, as we are familiar with this challenge.

Here are some posts:

On April 16, @fakefinalfriday tweets
has an event for Final Friday. We've read the the FB invite 3 times. Were still not sure what it is.

On April 18 @fakefinalfriday tweets
One week until April Final Friday and we're not hearing much. I mean we just hear the newly awakened crickets chirping at this point.

On April 18 @fartlife tweets
This Final Friday should be the real coming out for this season right? will have figured out the new camera by then...
@fakefinalfriday replys: It should be and yet, not even a new map and event listing yet. Still last month

Great job reporting @fakefinalfriday. We are glad you are staying on top of things! Check out live tweets from Larryville Artists correspondent @karenmatheis (and presumably @fakefnalfriday) during April's Final Friday.
@fakefinalfriday catches this gem.  Poster made by Partick Giroux for this week's Liberty Hall showing of Money Python's Holy Grail

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