Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Short and Sweet Interview with Writer Sam Pink

Author Sam Pink at the Roost on Friday

We are thrilled that writers Sam Pink and Scott McClanahan will be reading at the Roost on Friday. Their books received good reviews from the PBR Book Club. 

We wanted to know more about Chicago based author Sam Pink and what he will be reading, so we contacted him for an interview. Quickies seem to be his style. The interview went something like this:

Q:  What are your current projects?
A: None

Q: Do you still have Rontel (his cat)?
A: Yes

Q: Do you still live in Chicago?
A: Yes

Q: Are there advantages to working with a small sized publisher?
A: There probably are but i've only worked with a small press so i can't compare small vs big.

Q: What books you will be reading from?
A: Not sure how long i'm supposed to read for but i'll probably read from 'rontel' and 'person' and maybe the other novels. i'm not a dynamic presenter, i mostly just rely on the material being entertaining.  

We investigated further.  Pink has a blog that is intriguing. His posts consist of one liners that give us insight to the writer. 

"anyone else feel more doomed when the weather starts getting nice?"
"looking back, believing that monsters were real was something that added meaning to my life"
"just scratched my head and found a small piece of broken glass in my hair"
"most of the things offered as ways to be 'free' or an 'individual' are guaranteed to make you like everyone else"

Sam Pink's personal and writing style is unique, and probably the reading will be too! 

See the facebook invite for the reading on Friday here:https://www.facebook.com/events/787471407947377/?ref_dashboard_filter=upcoming

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